10 Things About Learning to Crack Part 2

  1. Learning to Crack Part 2 was written in 20 minutes and is the lead track from The Kids Are Bored.
  2. It has 14 chords.
  3. It’s about the last ten minutes of a relationship. Scratch that. It’s about something else.
  4. There are a set of lyrics for a song called Learning to Crack that still has no music for it.
  5. Although Roberto hates most of the song, he loves the ending and thinks its the best recording from The Kids Are Bored.
  6.  Bob suggested modulating for the guitar solo.
  7. video was filmed and ruined during developing.
  8. There have been very few live performances of this song.
  9. The last time the original line-up performed LTCP2, Roberto and Bob were sharing lead vocals, with Bob taking lead on the chorus.
  10. Some people hear Weezer in this song and there’s some truth to it. Weezer’s Blue Album was buzzing around Roberto’s head when he wrote it.

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