The Kids Are Bored

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The Kids Are Bored was recorded in Chicago at Warzone Recorders in the summer of 1997 and released in the spring of 1998.

1. Learning to Crack Part 2 (R. LiVolsi) ©1997 Dumbfounded Music, SOCAN/BMI
2. Circle Jerk (B. Cellini) ©1996 Naso Grande Music, BMI
3. Uh Was a Hound (LiVolsi/Cellini) ©1996 Dumbfounded Music/ Naso Grande Music, SOCAN/BMI
4. The Kids Are Bored (R. LiVolsi) ©1997 Dumbfounded Music, SOCAN/BMI
5. Famous (B. Cellini) ©1995 Naso Grande Music, BMI
6. If I Could Rule the World From a Small Town (B. Cellini) ©1996 Naso Grande Music, BMI
7. Mr. Monday (T. Woodger) ©1996 Wood Man Music, SOCAN
8. Instant Therapy (R. LiVolsi) ©1988,1996 Dumbfounded Music, SOCAN/BMI

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