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Gone Hazel’s New Single Debuts This Friday

It’s Gone Hazel’s 20th anniversary this month.
It’s also been 10 years this month since GH was performing new material.

This week, we announce a new milestone: the release of our new single, I’m Sad/ Rock and Roll at the Super Bowl.


I’m Sad/Rock and Roll at the Super Bowl will debut this Friday, July 15th, at midnight on
Goldie’s Garage
Goldie’s Garage on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio. SiriusXM, Channel 21.

Gone Hazel on Goldie’s Garage

Gone Hazel’s Sport will be on Goldie’s Garage on Friday, March 20th at 9 PM/PST, Midnight EST. Goldie’s Garage is a program on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio that features unsigned bands.

Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio is on channel 21, SiriusXM radio & plays great rock and roll music that has slipped through the cracks over the years. Gone Hazel is thrilled to be featured on Goldie’s Garage. Thanks Genya!